Wrought Iron vs. Aluminum Fencing

If you’re looking for a high quality, long lasting fence that requires relatively little maintenance, metal fencing is a great option you should definitely explore. Two of the most common types of metal fencing are wrought iron and aluminum fences. While these types of fencing share some characteristics, there are differences you should consider when choosing a fence material. Here’s a brief comparison of wrought iron and aluminum fencing.


Durability and Strength

Both wrought iron and aluminum are known for being tough metals, but wrought iron will give you the strength and durability you desire if security is your primary priority. Although not as strong as wrought iron, aluminum still provides home and business owners with greater security and strength than a wood or PVC fence.


Although it isn’t as strong as wrought iron, aluminum is known for being much less maintenance-intensive. Aluminum fences are virtually- rust and corrosion-proof, which means you won’t really have to worry about protecting your fence from these problems. Iron is susceptible to both rust and corrosion, and requires rust-inhibiting coatings or paints to protect it. However, providing the proper care for either type of fence will ensure that it looks beautiful and stays strong for a long time.


Aluminum fences tend to be cheaper than wrought iron in part because they are lighter and easier to make. But in many cases, the final cost of custom fence design and installation may be comparable depending on your specific fencing needs. Talk to a Tucker-area fence installation expert to get an estimate on wrought iron or aluminum fencing for your home or business.

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