Which blanket is the right size for you?

Choosing a Weighted Blanket is based on each individual’s need for weighted blanket care.  The formula commonly used and recommended by most Occupational Therapists is 10% of body weight plus 1 or 2 pounds.   But, Youth and Adult size blankets over 10 lbs in weight can be quite heavy, and Twin size bed blankets over 15 lbs are very heavy, and cumbersome as well. So be sure to consult your Healthcare Professional or Therapist when using a Miracle Weighted Blanket for a specific disorder to ensure effectiveness.


Lap pads, wraps and blankets are hand-made and sized for use in the home, at school and during travel. Depending on the need, Miracle Weighted Blankets can be to used to calm and relax by laying it across the lap, wrapping around the shoulders, covering legs or the whole body for sleeping.


Twin bed sizes are sized to cover the top of the mattress only.

Please call us for full, queen and king orders.


Custom orders are available or can be ordered by the size and weight recommended by your Healthcare Professional or Therapist.


Be sure to consider how you are using your Miracle Weighted Blanket.  

FOR ADULTS:  (5′ and over)

Adult – S 36″ x 50″ 7-9 lbs

Adult – M 38″ x 60″ 8-10 lbs

Adult – L 42″ x 72″ 9-11 lbs

FOR KIDS:  (5′ and under)

Youth – S 36″ x 42″ 6-8 lbs

Youth – M 36″ x 56″ 7-9 lbs

Youth – L 38″ x 60″ 8-10 lbs


Twin – 39″ x 75″ 12+ lbs

Full – 54″ x 75″ 14+ lbs

Queen – 60″ x 80″ 16+ lbs

King – 76″ x 80″ 18+ lbs

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