Recommendations for Building Workers

Asbestos being harmful to the lungs is a pretty well known fact and this is the main reason why its usage has been prohibited in many activities. But, paradoxically and disregarding this prohibition, this mineral continues to be used in several places across the world. For example, it is still used in the building industry, mainly for packaging and roof panels

Thousands of highly exposed to asbestos workers, both working in buildings’ restyling and demolition, have died over the years by some illness related to asbestos’ presence in their workplace. It has been estimated that near 10.000 people will die every year during the next 10 years due to having been exposed to asbestos in the past.

Serious health risks provoked by asbestos are completely avoidable. It is recommended for builders to take minimum precautions before start working in order to not be exposed to danger:

Before working next to materials or elements including asbestos you must receive a special training. This training could last between 2 and 5 days. In some cases, this training is repeated every year.

In places where this mineral is used, there must be an individual having the correct information about everything who can be in good conditions to teach others and to make sure all necessary precautions have been taken.

If it is necessary to remove asbestos while working, the use of a respirator is a must.( it must be at least a half face mask).

Smoking, drinking or eating in places near to asbestos is forbidden, and it would be an advisable thing to do to clean up your hands correctly before doing some of these things.


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