Auto detailing Knoxville TN

Save yourself time and get the job done. We have a wide range of services to suit different budgets and get your vehicle looking it’s best.

Do you have a busy lifestyle?

Can’t remember the last time you cleaned your car?

Overwhelmed by how dirty it is inside and outside?

It’s probably time to give Auto detailing Knoxville TN a call and find out about the services that we offer. We come to you and do it all for you while you do more important things. Our thorough services will make sure that your vehicle gets the clean it deserves, on the inside and outside. All our services are environmentally friendly and won’t damage your vehicle.



The following is a general list of services that we offer:

  • Express Wash
  • Mini Express
  • The Express Works
  • Express Interior
  • Grand Express
  • Leather Protection
  • Fabric Protection
  • Paint Protection
  • Under Bonnet Detail
  • Bug & Tar Removal
  • Polish & Wax
  • Shampoo

Whether it’s washing, waxing, polishing, cleaning or detailing, we do all of the above.

  • The hand washing service is environmentally friendly.
  • We may require use of electricity.
  • There is an option for waterless washing.
  • We can go almost anywhere your vehicle goes.
  • We provide both interior and exterior services like vacuuming and polishing.
  • Our wide range of services means your vehicle gets what it needs.
  • All the services are guaranteed not to damage your vehicle.

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